Long Distance Love Affair
Words, Music and Arrangement Composed by A.J. Harrison
All Rights Reserved, Harrison Enterprises

Do I dare Have a long distance love affair

Well I want you close to me
But that's not how it's going to be
You live so far away
Yet my love for you grows deeper everyday

Our meeting was by chance
And my life you surely did enhance
Now I have you in my dreams
And I want you more and more each day it seems

Do I dare have a long distance love affair

I close my eyes and you are near
I open them and you're not here
I want you closer to my heart
And I wish we weren't so very far apart

Do we dare to play this game
Do you love me do you feel the same
Can we put our love on hold
Can we be sure our relationship will not fold

Do I dare have a long distance love affair

Do I dare
Do I dare