The Missing Piece To The Puzzle of My Life / Josh's Song
Words, Music and Arrangement Composed By A.J. Harrison
All Rights Reserved, Harrison Enterprises

You've made my life so full
You've made my life complete

And I know at this point I couldn't live without you

You've made me feel so rich
You've made me feel so Loved
If I ever lost you I don't know what I'd do

You were the missing piece to the puzzle of my life
And there's nothing in this world I'd not do for you
Yes you were the missing piece to the puzzle of my life
If I had to say goodbye my life would be through

You've made me feel so special
You've made me feel needed
If anything ever changed I'd be completely lost

You've made my life have meaning
You've made my life worth living
And I know you couldn't be replaced at any cost


You've helped me understand
You've helped me realize
There are people in life you can truly trust and love

You've taken away my fear
You've filled my life with cheer
There's no doubt you're an answer to prayer from God above


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